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Custom Earplug
Basic Info
Place of Origin: Guangdong, China (Mainland)
Model Number: CM-26
Material: medical grade silicone rubber
Feature: Breathable nature and strong,soft, comfortable,washed
Color: various,up to you
Use: noisy working\sleeping\travelling\flying
Test frequencies in Hz: 125 250 500 000 2000 4000 8000
Mean attenuation data: 23.8 27.2 31.9 34.8 39.0 45. 41.1
Standard deviation: 3.9 4.1 5.8 4.5 3.3 4.7 5.3
NRR: 26db
Function: noise reduction,hearing protection
Custom molded ear plugs :
Model No.:  CM-26
Material:medical grade silicone rubber
Feature:Breathable nature and strong,soft, comfortable,washed
Function:noise reduction,hearing protection
Use:noisy working\sleeping\travelling\flying
Color:various,up to you
Test frequencies in Hz:125 250 500 000 2000 4000 8000
Mean attenuation data:23.8 27.2 31.9 34.8 39.0 45. 41.1
Packaging & Delivery
Packaging Details:  1pc/plastic case,then put into one paper box.
Delivery Time:   10-15days after payment
Production process
1. clean ears and wash hands thoroughly. Dirt and debris will affect the cure rate of this product,have a mirror ready before beginning
2. gently remove material from each container and divide into two equal portions,store the remaining halves in their respective containers(see photo1). keep the colored and white material separated until ready to begin the molding since mixing the two will start the curing process.
3. to begin the curing process,knead one of the colored halves and white halves together vigorously for 30-45 seconds or until streak free(see photo2). roll into a ball(see photo3) .
4. keeping your head level,gently press material into one ear by pushing in the center of the silicone, fold the excess in and press the center again several times (see  photo 4 ). the silicone will then conform to your ear’s contour forming a good seal. Fill outer ear as completely and smoothly possible. A mirror is helpful to render a smooth outer surface and finished look, any excess material not needed to fill outer ear during molding can be pinched off before totally cured and discarded.DO NOT PRESS MATERIAL TOO DEEPLY INTO THE EAR CANAL , DO NOT CHEW OR TALK DURING RHIS PROCESS. Once a uniform,consistent plug is formed,let plug cure for a minimum of 10 minutes in the ear,allow longer if formed plug is still pliable
5. a properly formed ear plug will have a smooth outer surface , closely contour to the earm partially extend into the ear canal and fit snugly(see photo 5 )
6. DO NOT REMOVE PLUG FROM THE EAR FOR A MINIMUM OF 10 MINUTES, once cured,gently remove plug by slowly twisting and pulling from top of formed plug, it is recommended the finished ear plug cure an additional three hours before storing in storage bag .
7. repeat the above steps with the remaining colored and whit silicone portions for your other ear.
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Custom Earplug

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